Live Fantasy Concert Packages

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the few surviving live concerts have gone virtual. RadioMusic helps your station fill the gap with three packages of live music kits, along with script, production and sales suggestions for your own Fantasy Concert. You can easily air a profitable and memorable on-air special that can beat your competition!

An important part of all successful programming is to feature the right songs. So we started with airplay monitors of successful stations in your format and ranked the 500 most played songs in their regular format. Then we scoured commercial recordings for live concert versions of those same songs.

All these songs have good audio quality from commercially released live concert albums, with no bootleg or YouTube cuts. Also we edited out dirty words and dated comments like "Hello Dallas" and chit chat other than Thank You or naming performers.

Songs are automation-ready for easy import and include an Excel file with your song numbers (or names) for your music software.

Click on a list below to download an Excel list of that high-quality Live concert kit: